Critical4 Presentations Hit the Target


Do your presentations hit the Mark?


The First Critical 30 Seconds.

If you are meeting someone for the first time, addressing a meeting, talking to a new client or presenting to a conference, the “sale” is made in the first thirty seconds. That initial sale is “you” … are you seen as credible and interesting? If the answer is “yes” then you have a real chance to getting to the real bottom line by making the second sale namely: a new product, a new idea etc.

The Rest of the Presentation

Not only must you make an impact in the first 30 seconds but then you must hold the clients/your boss’/your audiences attention. The only real way to do that is present information in such a way that the find it interesting and of value. Deciding who to do this breaks down into two areas:

The “Perceived Value”

This is down to you! You know your business and your clients so you must determine in advance what the customer/audience actually needs as against what you think they need. This is a basic rule of sales: “Find out what the customer needs: don’t make assumptions because you will probably be wrong!”

How the “Perceived Value” is presented

People enjoy and listen to people with whom they identify and feel comfortable. That comes down to a number of things:

  • The perceived credibility of the presenter (The first 30 seconds)
  • If the material is presented in a way that is palatable
  • If the audience gets the right amount of material and it is of perceived high quality

The Critical4 Solution

Much of the “critical 30 seconds” and the “how to” parts of this presentation can be greatly assisted by allowing Critical4 to perform and outline analysis of your target audience (Be it a group or a single person) and suggesting the best presentation approach. For example the presentation style for a group of Marketers would be markedly difference to a group of Accounts.

  • We can offer specific advice on the style and language to be used
  • Identify potential “hot buttons” (Ways to make the customer want to buy!)
  • In the case of a PowerPoint Presentation** make suggestions for order and content and even provide a new template theme (We have access to 10,000 professional designed templates covering all situations and industries/professions)

What is the cost of this service? Free if you spend more than $1000 with us in a 6 month period.

** This covers a presentation of 15 or less slides … more by negotiation or just invest more on Critical4 Profiling and earn more credits!