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To submit a ‘Self Perception Report’ you must first have either have purchased a Profile Package or have already established an account.Please login using one of two options:

Option 1:

You have a unique company password

If your company has pre-arranged your profile, please login using the ‘Submit Self Perception’ button at the top of the page. You will need to enter:

  1. An Account Name
  2. A password which is a unique company code supplied by your administrator

Option 2:

You do not have a unique company password… You need to pre-purchase a profile online (Please click the Silver button at the top of the page). You will be self details after payment has been approved

  1. An Account Name
  2. A Password which will be sent to you


Please complete your self-perception BEFORE you contact your observers.
This is because on completion of your self perception a unique link will be emailed to them.

* Please note that at least FOUR and not more than SIX Observers are required for a full profile.



If someone has requested you submit an ‘Observers Report‘ on them, you need to login.Please login using the following procedure:

You will have receivedĀ  a unique link via an email.

You will have received an email requesting that you complete an Observers Report. Please click the unique link in that email and you will be directed to the online assessment.

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