5. Management


Designed to support various management issues which are best resolved with specific information concerning the behavioral (team role) characteristics of the individuals

(All prices in $AUD & include 10% GST)

Promotion suitability

Frequently people are promoted for the wrong reasons. For example:

  • Because they excel in their existing job is no guarantee
    they will do well at the next level. (e.g. frequently great sales people
    are less than idea when promoted to supervising a sales team)
  • People are often promoted because of experience or
    qualifications rather than their behavioral fit for the job and the

This services helps identify “Suitable” candidates as against merely
“Eligible” candidates

Basic Service : Match to candidate to the position (Job profile,
candidate profile and report)

Advanced Service: Basic Service plus compatibility report. This
depends on the existence of manager and or other team member profiles
being available

  1. Cost Basic Service:  $198 (PDF email) or $220 (hard copy)
  2. Cost Advanced Service:  Basic Service 1 plus Service 2.1 and 2.2

Succession Planning

Read comments at the start of 5.1

Succession planning consists of identifying the optimum career path
within an organisation. There are several options:

  • Basic Service: Match the behavioral strengths of the candidate against
    the Critical4 job data base to identify the type of job best suited to
    the candidate. Consists of candidate profile plus report.
  • Advanced Service: Match the candidate against a selection of jobs within
    the organisation. Consists of Candidate profile plus jobs surveys, as
    agreed, within the organisation and final report.     
  1. Cost Basic Service:  $198 (PDF email) or $220 (hard copy)
  2. Cost Advanced Service:  $154 (PDF email) or $187 (hard copy) plus $49.50
    per job surveyed

Conflict resolution

This is a specialised service and depends on the exact situation. It may between two individuals, within a team or department or between two departments. A specific quotation is needed and can vary from compatibility report to on site intervention. Each case will be quoted separately.